The PPAL approach to any assignment is based directly on the issues facing the client and the intended objectives. Generally the approach to working with clients is to focus on a clear articulation of the project’s objectives followed by an implementation approach utilising effective and practical methodologies. The company’s background and track record is ideally suited to achieving positive results.

One of the biggest challenges in the land development business is trying to obtain all the necessary approvals in a timely fashion so that a building permit can be issued and construction started. Unfortunately the planning approval process has only gotten more and more involved over the years and the potential for delays is a constant reality. In response to this situation, PPAL has developed an approach which has proven to be very successful in minimising the chance for delays. This approach starts with the creation of a strong development concept that responds to the various issues in play; this is followed up with a respectful consultation with all stakeholders leading to reasonable approval timelines with less chance of appeal.